When Should I Get Ear Wax Removal London

Many people in London ask me “When should I get ear wax removal?” The answer is not simple, as the symptoms of ear wax blockage can mimic those of other ear conditions. Symptoms of ear wax blockage can include:

  • Loss of hearing
  • Dizziness
  • Pain in the ear or neck
  • Feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Itching or discharge from the ear canal

Just one symptom on its own is not a sure indicator of impacted ear wax. For instance, dizziness on its own could be a symptom of vertigo, low blood pressure or low blood sugar. Pain in the ear or neck could be from an infection or from self-inflicted trauma, for instance bruiding from a cotton bud. Tinnitus can be a symptom of hearing loss, and with dizziness, a feeling of fullness and hearing loss it can be a symptom of Meniere’s Disease. Itching can also be a sign of a minor skin infection, or dry skin. Then again, all of the above symptoms can also be symptoms of an ear wax blockage.

If you have at least two of these symptoms, you should book an appointment with Ear Wax Removal London, London’s foremost ear wax removal clinic. All of their staff are trained in the use of microsuction, the safest method of ear wax removal. They use ENT-grade equipment and they have some really great reviews.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

If you have an ear wax blockage in one ear or in both ears, then it is highly likely that the London microsuction ear wax removalĀ  clinic will be able to remove all of your er wax. They are able to remove 100 percent of ear wax in around 99.8% of all cases, and at least 90% of ear wax in nearly 100% of all cases. This is the best success rate in all of London!

Is it hard to find Ear Wax Removal London?

Not at all! They are centrally located, just a stone’s throw from Baker Street station in the heart of central London. Baker Street station is served by 5 London Underground lines. Here is a map of where to find it:

What Happens In An Ear Wax Removal London Appointment?

Here’s a video I made to explain what happens when you go to get ear wax removal in London:

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