The Turtle Walk Labyrinth

We invite you to walk the Labyrinth located behind the Foxglove Shop & Gallery at 22 Main Street.

Our Labyrinth, dedicated in 1999, is laid out with gravel paths, surrounded by more than sixty varieties of fragrant herbs and flowers. Open from dawn to dusk, the labyrinth is a special place to clear your mind, explore your creativity, solve problems, or just to listen to your spirit. This form of meditative walking is rooted in ancient religious custom and has seen a revival in the last decade.

Guidelines for walking the labyrinth:

  • Stand at the mouth of labyrinth and take a few deep breaths.
  • Invoke the deity of choice.
  • Open your mind and start walking.
  • Feel youself grounded to the earth.
  • Walk slowly towards the center.
  • Stop periodically and listen with all your senses.
  • Stay as long as you want, and then walk out slowly